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Hey Momma, I know you are tired, no that’s a lie, you are more than just tired, you are freaking exhausted. Your head is heavy, arms are fatigued, and the thought of doing all of this for one more day is daunting. You keep on going, even when you feel like everything around you is
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Dear Dads, First and foremost, we just want to say Thank You. We don’t think you hear those words enough. Thank you for standing beside your child despite the incredible adversity, the frustration it places on your marriage or partnership, and the financial toll it takes on your lives. Thank you for being an emotional
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Go online and search the phrase “The cost of raising a child with Special Needs,” and you will find articles from all over the country documenting the cost to families each year for their children. Autism Speaks published an article in 2014 that estimated that raising a child with autism ranged from $1.4 million to
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One of the most significant challenges for families with a loved one with a feeding tube is finding the right “formula” for their Tubie. When my son became a g-tube fed child in 2016, we struggled to find the right food to feed his button. Over the course of 18 months, we tried several formulas
After more than 16 years working in Corporate America, I chose to leave the hustle and bustle behind to care for my chronically ill son. I wish the choice were strictly mine, but the truth was I had to choose between my career and my child. His health was declining and he needed me at
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Many parents of children with disabilities at some point will need to determine if their child needs an Individualized Education Program. IEP’s are essential for any child that requires modifications and services to progress in the general curriculum. However, sometimes it can be hard to understand the basics of what an IEP is, what it
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What is Section 504? Section 504 is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against children with disabilities. This law ensures the child has equal access to education. This law also provides accommodations to students that meet this criterion. Unlike IDEA, 504 does not require the school to provide the student an Individual Education Program
Healthcare professionals are highly regarded and respected for the exceptional healthcare that they provide. Unfortunately, though, mistakes can happen. Such errors can result in your baby suffering a birth injury. In fact, birth injuries are not that uncommon with approximately 6 to 8 babies born out of 1,000 having some birth injury. Being aware of
For the past five years, I have spent my life in a blur raising my child that is medically fragile. The days seem to move so slow, but the weeks and years seem to speed right past as my son grows. My world has been anything but typical regarding parenting, and I have found myself
Over the course of my child’s life, I have been an advocate for his health and development. My son is a blend of medically fragile with developmental delays. As he grew his processing delays increased and his social skills deteriorated. In May of 2017, he was officially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. When we received
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Every holiday season families hit the malls, log on to Amazon, and fill their calendars with parties and holiday events. In the hustle and bustle of this season, there exists a group of families that struggle to find balance, happiness, and holiday cheer. Parents of children with special needs struggle to navigate the events, the
Parents who have adult children with a disability may need to look at the option of obtaining guardianship of their grown child. It will depend on their child’s ability to remain independent and their capacity to take care of themselves. If a parent feels their child is incapable of making decisions on their own, then
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By: Krista Metz Having a child with a feeding tube is a blessing and a curse for most families. Our children can be fed and grow, but we are forced to deal with the care of the tube and the messes that come with the feeding tube. As we spend time in the “tubie” world,
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Having a tube fed child is both a blessing and a curse for most families. On the one hand you have a child that can finally grow and get nutrition, and on the other hand, most of us are feeding our children prepackaged formula or food. The use of formula or prepackaged food is convenient
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Being a special needs mom is a challenging job for most of us in this community. Many of us in this world are juggling multiple tasks at one time. On any given day we are nurses, therapists, advocates, teachers, personal care assistants, and administrative assistants managing their endless paperwork. As our children grow and we
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Autism is a wildly misunderstood neurological difference that affects children and adults around the world. While most families wish and hope for more acceptance of their child, many of them are faced with harsh realities, and cruel words from friends, family members, and strangers. We asked Parents raising children on the spectrum what they would
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Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a Special Needs Mom? We wanted to hear their deepest and darkest confessions about their lives. We asked them to be as real as possible – and they went there! Take a read. -I know people say, “God only gives you what you can
I’m raising a child that has an abnormal brain, and I am neither a neurologist or neuroscientist. My lack of understanding of the brain function has made it challenging to find the right doctors to help him. More than a few times I have been online in the evening reading up on the brain, the
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Parents of children with special needs struggle with a lot of areas of development for their children. There is one area that can be difficult for us to discuss openly. We can quickly discuss milestones like crawling, walking, and talking with people in our life. However, incontinence and potty training can be a sensitive topic
Recently I sat in a doctor’s office with my son and my husband. We were looking at images of his brain, and discussing the litany of symptoms my son was facing. After a long appointment, the choice was clear for everyone, my son needed to have major surgery to repair malformations of his brain. While