Without a Crystal Ball

Our Journey through Chronic Illness & Autism

Life is fluid and has this incredible way of changing, morphing and layers of life just sort of keep on adding to it’s beautiful complexities. The past year this blog has focused primarily on my journey in parenting a child with special needs. It’s been an incredible experience to share our journey, our pain, our happiness, our grief, and our successes. Yet there was an emptiness in me when I solely focused my time and energy on just my son.

For a long time, my son has simply been not only my child but he’s also been my full time job. I’m not even kidding about that! I am paid by the county and state to care for my child because of his disabilities. I had to go through a background check and even get finger printed. I am listed as an employee of my child. It’s a strange but it’s our life. Over the course of the past year, I have found out something tremendous about myself. I am not just valuable as a mom by providing income to the family – but I also have a lot of skills that I would love to share with others!

Over the past year our family has made a lot of changes in how we eat, how we shop, and how we live. It has all been incredibly positive, and I have enjoyed learning so much along the way. We have started buying our meat and poultry from a local farmer that pasture raises his animals. His animals are fed all NON-GMO food and killed humanely. They are given no growth hormones or antibiotics of any kind. The process took a bit to learn – but I’m learning now how to cook meat that is actually quite different than what is sold commercially but equally delicious. I realized I could share a lot of what I’m learning right here!

Our family also continues to be involved in our church and serve our community in various ways. We are always interested in finding ways to share how our faith has saved us in our darkest hours. We are interested in sharing the joy of serving others, and Von and I will take you on our journey this year as we start our new serving team with Meals on Wheels. Serving the community, our friends and family is a big part of our lives, and I’m really excited to share with you all!

Also, I’m going to be learning how to bake this year! My father will be passing down generations old recipes, and I’m planning on sharing the process right here! In addition, a few friends have agreed to teach me how to make soap. This will be another item shared on this blog. I’m really excited to start this new journey as our family learns to become a little more independent and less reliant on the commercial industry for many of our goods. Our goal is to have less processed food, and fewer chemicals in our home. As many of you know my medically fragile son has asthma – so this is all a natural progression in our journey. We have been slowly weaning our home of chemicals and fragrances.

Finally, I will be sharing my journey in parenting! This will include everything we are dealing with our main man – but also include just funny anecdotes and stories about parenting in general. While our lives are very different in the sense that our child has special needs and is medically fragile – we are still a family trying to make our way. We are trying to decrease our carbon footprint on the world, and we are hoping that by supporting local businesses and farmers we can improve not only the community – but our overall health and well being.

I realize all of this is quite different from where we have been, but life has a way of changing us all. I am just glad to have you all on the journey with us, and thank you all for following us as we navigate new terrain! Blessings to you all!


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