Without a Crystal Ball

Our Journey through Chronic Illness & Autism

“I heard that there is an oil that can help Adrenal Fatigue,” A kind stranger said to me.

“My son doesn’t have adrenal fatigue. He has adrenal insufficiency,” I responded.

“Have you looked at an essential oil to help him? Maybe you could get him off all his medications?,” She asked me.

“If I take my son off his medications, he will die.”

I stopped responding.

I wish this conversation was a one time event. I promise you that I have heard it over and over again in this world of Multi-Level Marketing businesses. It seems that everyone on Facebook is selling a product that could potentially HELP my child. More than a few times I have had products offered to me to help with his blood sugar, weight gain, heart health, and adrenal insufficiency. Every time I kindly say no.

I’m not a hater of essential oils. We diffuse them in our home. We use soaps that are made with these oils. The skin care line I use, is hand made by a friend, and it’s laced with these amazingly scented oils. They smell good. Sometimes when I burn them, they calm and relax me. In the shower, they calm my sinuses and make breathing easier. My skin is no longer filled with acne because of many of these oils. But I have to tell you something – ESSENTIAL OILS WON’T CURE MY SON.

We eat healthy in this home. We try to eat organic when we can, buy our eggs farm fresh from a friend, and try to eat meat that is organic. We do our best to take care of our health by hiking, running and being active. Healthy living has always been very important to us. I’m all in to trying items that might alleviate some pain, stress, or make me feel better. However, ESSENTIAL OILS WON’T CURE MY SON.

There isn’t any nice way of going around this. I see so many people selling these oils, and they promise you that everything can be cured via a dab of this or a rub of that. It’s not true. No amount of oil is going to grow back a missing gland in my son’s brain. Offering me an oil to help his missing hormones is not only uneducated but life threatening. I wish I were the only person in this community that has been offered this as an option. However, I hear it over and over from other parents that are dealing with life threatening diseases. People want to help us get off the medication. They want us to think outside of the box. I understand that the thought of living on medication for some is hard to bare, but for our son it’s life or death. I wish we didn’t have to have him on medications. I WISH it was that simple that an oil could fix his brain, make his hormones work, and mend his broken heart. Yet, this is beyond what an oil can do.

For years, I have sat here and bitten my tongue. I have been kind and nice to every person that has offered this advice. Inside the anger has eaten me alive. I can tell you with certainty most parents in this community would rather not have to give their child medication to live. Most of us would rather not have a bag, a feeding tube, a port, a shunt, a pacemaker, or a catheter. Yet for many of us, it is the only option to keep our child alive and growing. While natural interventions can certainly improve the quality of life via scent and helping calm stress, it will never be able to replace the medical interventions necessary to keep our children alive.

Our lives would be a lot easier if an oil could cure my child. We would save a ton of money on medications and medical equipment. We would probably not need to have so many doctors, and thus we would save even more money. The truth is, that sometimes we are forced to do things we don’t want to do as parents. I didn’t want to be a parent that gave my child medication daily, injections daily, and feed him via a tube daily – but I have become that MOM. It’s not fun to see him struggle with shots or medications. Nor do I enjoy spilling his feeding tube contents all over my bed. It is just a part of our life. Sometimes life throws you curve balls and you have to adapt. I wanted to be the natural mom that didn’t have him drink juice, watch tv, or even eat sugar. Now I’m excited when he wants to eat a piece of chocolate.

I love that people want to help me by offering us oils. I will purchase them to diffuse in my home. However, they will not CURE my son. They will not improve his blood sugar, and they will not make his body function like a typical body. I’m not writing this to shame anyone that offers oil, but rather to educate them. Essential Oils have a great place in the world. They do amazing things, but if you sell them, please don’t promise a parent it will cure their child. Please don’t tell them it will improve their disease. Please don’t recommend that their child get off medication. Offer the oil as an enhancement to treatment – not as a cure for disease.


4 thoughts on “That Essential Oil – Won’t Cure my Child

  1. bunluvson says:

    I hear ya; some folks just don’t know when to quit. YOU are Von’s mom, only YOU have the right to treat him. There will always be naysayers – too bad they don’t listen when someone tells them NAY !!


  2. Colette Sutter says:

    I don’t read your blog daily because I just don’t have time. I actually only find the time when I’m ready to jump off the nearest cliff! Always, you make me laugh, cry and ground my perspective. Thank you for that! As far as essential oils…I use them similarly as you do. I’m wondering if there is an essential oil that cures sadness, because I’m sad pretty often. I’m wondering about how long it takes to stop being sad, to accept and to move beyond?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t heard of one. I was given a recipe for anxiety – but it didn’t work. I use exercise and medication to manage my anxiety. Acceptance – that’s a tough one. I take that one day at a time! Hang on tight and don’t jump the cliff just yet! I’m with you on the journey


  3. Becky says:

    Thanks for this post. I find it entirely frustrating when people offer essential oil to cure my daughter’s Crohn’s disease and like you I’ve been polite. Thanks for sharing your experience

    Liked by 1 person

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