Without a Crystal Ball

Our Journey through Chronic Illness & Autism

Do you have a friend or family member going through a health crisis? It could be that they are sick themselves, or they are caring for a family member that is chronically ill. Most people in this situation wonder what they can do to offer help and support to family members battling health crisis. If you are like most people, it’s hard to figure out what you can do to offer either support or help in a difficult situation. At times the easiest thing might be to simply retreat because you just don’t know what to do. However, there are really easy things you can do to offer support during a really hard time. Most of them won’t even break the bank. If you are looking for ways to help, this list can be a guide on how to be there for your friend or family member.

  1. Offer to clean their home
  2. Offer to help with laundry
  3. Offer to run simple errands they may lack time to do
  4. Coordinate meal deliveries for them
  5. Offer to be respite care for them so they can get time out on their own.
  6. Learn about the disease or illness that they are either managing or are suffering from
  7. Be a shoulder they can cry on when they need to vent
  8. Be the person that can make them laugh when they need to forget
  9. Offer to do their lawn work
  10. Offer to take them out for an evening to get them out of the house.
  11. Visit them when they are in the hospital
  12. Respect their need for privacy when things are overwhelming
  13. Pick up the phone and call them – forget text messages – calls are far more personal
  14. Mail then a hand written card letting you know you are thinking of them
  15. Offer to babysit their children, so they can have a date night with their spouse
  16. Bring them a cup of coffee or warm cup of tea
  17. Offer to walk their dog
  18. Offer to call and schedule appointments or reorder prescriptions
  19. Help them organize their medical paperwork
  20. Offer to go to appointments with them
  21. Offer to drive them to appointments
  22. Take their mail in when they are in the hospital
  23. watch their animals or home when they are in the hospital
  24. bring them a sweet treat (if ok to eat)
  25. Pray for them

These are really simple things you can do. Most of them are inexpensive and many don’t require any money at all. All you need to do is show you care. Showing you care will give them a sense of relief, and remind them they are not alone. It is very isolating for many families going through these type of crisis. The last thing they want is to lose friends or family members. Don’t think it’s too hard to help because it’s really easy to be there. Doing any one of these things will completely brighten their day.

What are other ways you think you could help?


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