Without a Crystal Ball

Our Journey through Chronic Illness & Autism

Chronic Illness and disease has a way of sucking out the good in life. There are so many in this community that are debilitated by the hopelessness of what it all means. For a long time I was in that exact same place. Today I am declaring and end of any darkness that is left or any future darkness that will try to consume me or my family. We will stay in the light.

I Choose Happiness over Sadness

I will not be stuck in grief and sadness dealing with chronic illness. Each and every day we will find a way to smile, laugh and have a good day. In the worst moments, we always find a way to laugh. It is the one thing we can do to get us through.

I Choose Hope over Hate

No matter what happens in our lives we will not be consumed by hating others for not having to deal with illness. It is far too easy to be envious or angry at others that have healthy children. We will never put down others or make them feel like their struggles are less. Everyone has a struggle, and each journey we take has a level of difficulty. Having hope is what will get you through those difficult times.

I Choose Positivity over Negativity

When we receive difficult diagnosis and are faced with a new reality, we will not be stuck in the negativity of what it means. Each and every day we hunt and search for the silver lining. I refuse to focus on what Von can’t do or be, and I put my energy in to what he can do and what he can control.

I Choose Advocacy over Attacking

My voice can be used to empower and help others. My time is spent teaching and helping others learn what living with chronic disease means. I fight for services, therapy, and ways to help him have a better quality of life. I do not attack others that appear to have it easier. I do not attack others for not having a sick child. I do not slander those that get services I desire. I fight until we receive what we need.

I Choose Helping over Hurting

Each and every day my plate is full, but I will always have time to help others. I will always find time to help them find knowledge and resources to help their child. My energy is invested in making sure all children and families can find a way through this without hurting others. I will not attack, demean or lash out at anyone that simply doesn’t understand.

I Choose Faith over Disbelief

God is the only one that knows what will happen. God is the only one that will determine how far we go. I choose to have faith that our Lord in Heaven has a plan for all of us in this family. My belief is strong, and I remain faithful that he will take care of my son. I will not be stuck in disbelief. I will not condone those that do not believe, but rather love them, pray for them, and hope they can find the love of Jesus.

I Choose Forgiveness over Judgment

As hard as it is, I forgive myself for my actions when I was struggling. I forgive the actions of my friends and family that haven’t been there or didn’t understand. I forgive everyone that hasn’t known what to say or has left because it was too hard. I will not judge those that can’t manage the uncertainty or pain of being here with us. It is a hard path to walk, and I know that those that leave were not meant to be here. God will bring us the people that can handle this journey. I will not be stuck in judging those that judge me. Instead I will pray they find happiness and a way out of their darkness.

I Choose Knowledge over Ignorance

No matter how hard it is to learn or find the resources, I will study the information needed to provide Von the best quality of life. I will not live in denial of his disease. Each and every day I will research, study and learn how to help him so he can have the best life possible. I refuse to live by the motto of “Ignorance is Bliss”. Von needs a mom that can fight and find the best possible resources. Knowledge is power. He will grow and gain because I will not stay stuck in the powerlessness that chronic disease can hold over you. We will rise above it.

We want to know what do you Choose today?



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