Without a Crystal Ball

Our Journey through Chronic Illness & Autism

A blog I posted here has made it all the way to Yahoo Parenting. I am super excited and proud about this accomplishment. I am still working hard on getting to Huffington Post. I will hopefully reach there soon. I am so grateful for your continued support and reading this blog. We will be using this platform as a primary way to keep our family and friends updated about his surgery. We have many people that don’t use Social Media – so this format keeps them all in the loop.

We have had a really good week so far. I haven’t had nursing at all this week. It’s been just the two of us, and I can’t even tell you the difference in Von. He’s so incredibly happy to have me home. I have been enjoying the playing, book reading and cuddling. He is a great helper with chores, and loves to just be near me. I was so stressed about leaving work, but this has turned out to be the best decision so far. There have been no definitive decisions about my return yet, but I’m leaning toward staying home. It will all depend on if the nursing shortage continues to effect us and if we can get back on a waiver.

Von is growing really well right now. He’s finally catching up and his endocrinologist is SO happy.  Here is the link to my article on Yahoo Parenting 🙂 Enjoy!






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