Without a Crystal Ball

Our Journey through Chronic Illness & Autism

I have been working with a  group of several published authors on a new forum for parents of children with special needs. We are a group of mom’s from all over the country and even other parts of the world. Our children have diagnosis that are expansive. We have children with autism, developmental delays, life threatening diseases, and rare terminal syndromes. We all met through our mutual blogging for a larger Disability Webpage. All of us have contributed stories to the community, and we noticed we truly needed a space just for parents. This is not just about blogging, but we hope to also provide insight, resources, and helpful support to parents that are either 15 years in to the diagnosis or fresh out of the hospital or clinic. Our goal is to bring a face to the diseases and syndromes we represent, and serve to bring other parents voices to the forefront. We learn most from one another. We launched today and here is a link to our new blog:


Please make sure to subscribe and bookmark our page. We will be publishing initially every Thursday and then adding more content as it becomes available. Thankfully we have a wide network of writers eager to provide us content, so we know with their help and yours we can bring many of these parents out of the darkness and in to the light.



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