Without a Crystal Ball

Our Journey through Chronic Illness & Autism

It’s been quite the week, and I promise you I was hoping to update this blog a whole lot sooner.  We have been dealing with a little thing called RSV.  It’s been so awful to watch Von so sick.  He started getting ill last Friday, and it went downhill pretty quickly from there.  He’s been cranky, tired, coughing, wheezing, throwing up, and has no appetite.  We are finally on the mend today.

This is probably the first very significant illness we have dealt with since Von was released from the hospital last January.  He’s definitely had a zillion colds and sniffles, but nothing that knocked him on the floor.  RSV was absolutely brutal, and for anyone that has gone through it you know what I’m talking about.  The worst of all of it is with Von’s breathing issues it makes it even scarier.  However, the silver lining is that the doctors finally have come to the conclusion that Von’s asthma has to be treated more vigorously.  His pediatrician believes that if we can get his asthma under control he will not get sick so frequently.  She also hopes this will help him not get as sick when he does catch a cold.  The down side is we are adding 2 new drugs to our already full medicine cabinet.  One will be a daily medication, and one will be an emergency medication.  Either way, I’m happy we have a plan for treatment.  It does mean more follow ups, but at least our little boy will be breathing easier.

Von also got a middle ear infection during RSV.  This is ear infection number 5 since August.  At this point, tubes are a certainty at this point. He will be seen by an ENT next Thursday and we hope to schedule his tube surgery shortly there after.  This will hopefully cut back on all the trips to the doctor with ear aches.  His doctor is hopeful that this will also help his language open up.  It’s likely he’s been having a hard time hearing.  He will have a hearing screen next week as well.

Some days I feel like we are on a merry go round of chronic illnesses with this little boy.  His doctor calls him a very complex case, and I wish you could see this child’s medical chart.  I highly doubt mine is as thick as his.  A lot of times it feels like the only thing I’m talking about are his health.  I promise there are other things in our lives, but his health is forefront right now because he’s been so sick for months now.  Please keep him in your thoughts. We are hoping the asthma treatment and tubes will help him feel so much better. 


One thought on “RSV STINKS!

  1. Arlene says:

    One grandson had RSV and it is nasty stuff. Two of my daughters had tubes in the ears and it did cut down on ear infections.


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