Without a Crystal Ball

Our Journey through Chronic Illness & Autism

Today started out horribly, and it ended with a tantrum. Von woke up breathing really fast. Immediately I got the nebulizer and gave him a treatment. Afterward I realized he was really hot. I took his temp and it was 103.5. That’s scary for any child, but for one with adrenal insufficiency it’s terrifying. We packed our stuff and left for the hospital.

We were seen immediately. Von was swabbed and they suctioned him. He came back positive for RSV, and he has an ear infection in his right ear. This is ear infection number 5 in 6 months. We went to x-ray and his left lung was cloudy. The doctor was concerned it was pneumonia. We can’t confirm it, but she’s treating him with an antibiotic that would help if it was pneumonia.

We talked in length about his breathing issues over the past month, and the doctor agreed it was time for Von to get on a preventative drug for asthma. It seems as though his lungs are weak from asthma and any illness makes him sicker than he should be. Today we started pulmacort, and we will be doing this long term to help his lungs. He had only been taking albuterol which is an emergency med that alleviates symptoms. Pulmacort is a long term steroid that will open his airway and prevent asthma attacks. Through all of this he has not had a single attack. We know we are on the right track with treatment.

RSV sucks plain and simple. Von is cranky, tired, clingy and crying a lot. I’ve never seen him this sick since his release from the hospital last year. I’m beat, and I’m using PTO again to care for him. It’s so exhausting thinking about work and the worrying about him. I may not be on much this week. Please keep Von is in your thoughts and prayers. We need them.


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