Without a Crystal Ball

Our Journey through Chronic Illness & Autism

Every mom has one, right?  I’m seriously going crazy because Von is so out of sorts.  The whining and the constant crying is just a lot for my brain to handle.  He’s been running a fever for 4 days now.  The doctor says he has a virus, and we just have to let the virus run its course.  Unfortunately, my patience level for this fever ended on Sunday around 1 pm.  He’s been a hot mess.  He won’t eat, he’s clingy, and he cries at a moments notice.  The only thing he eats is yogurt and refuses to drink milk.  AHHH.  I kind of felt like I was going to lose my marbles this morning and actually had to start breathing or I was going to scream. 

Well, everything is ok now, because grandma and poppa are here to rescue me.  I’m actually able to work, and I can think straight.  Unfortunately this virus has completely snapped my ability to write anything cute or even worth reading.  I’m hopeful he will start to feel better soon.  I’d really enjoy my happy little boy back.


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