Reprinting Policy


Reprinting for Paper Publications:


Please ask permission before reprinting. Our content is Copyrighted, and use of our material without permission is not allowed.

If we allow the reprint, please make sure all the authors are given proper credit. We publish articles by guests. If the article you select has a By-line, please include the author’s name in the article. If there is no by-line, the articles are written by Katie Paulson of Without a Crystal Ball

Please source the article to Without A Crystal Ball as the Original Source. Failure to do source our page will result in requests to remove the content from your page.


Reprinting for a Web Page or Blog:

We are very cautious about sharing our content with online blogs and web pages due to how Google and other search engines index and rank articles. If there are duplicate articles on two websites, this can confuse Google and web pages can be penalized for having duplicate content. We do not want to risk our site being penalized. Please follow the instructions below.

Here are some options for reprinting articles from on other websites:

  1. Please ask for permission before reprinting.
  2. We prefer that you share just the first paragraph of our articles online with a direct link to Without A Crystal Ball for the remainder of the content.
  3. We do consider providing original content to websites on a case by case basis. If you are interested in original content, please contact Katie Paulson to discuss options.

*Use of our material without permission will result in direct contact from our Web Page. Use without permission is against our Copy Right and can result in Legal Action. *