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Our Review of Real Food Blends New Breakfast Blend

Breakfast has arrived from Real Food Blends! I got the unique opportunity to have my hands on the blend before most of the general public. As a blogger, I have had the fantastic opportunity to work with Real Food Blends in the past, and have established excellent relationships with the company. I got a chance to try the Breakfast Blend as soon as they had it available to ship directly to me. It is essential to note Real Food Blends is not paying me for this Review Let’s dive in!

(picture of the front of the package)

When the package arrived, I squealed in delight for my son. We’ve been using Real Food Blends for the past three months. He’s been doing fantastic on three of their blends: Beef, Chicken, and Salmon. In the mornings, I have been making my blends or giving him Salmon as his breakfast. The idea of having REAL breakfast for breakfast was terrific. We are a busy family and are often running to therapy early in the morning so blending on my own is not always practical or feasible.

First Impressions

Packaging is the same as the rest of the Real Food Blends. The Breakfast Blend Ingredients include Apples, Whole Eggs, Water, Zucchini, Rolled Oats, & Flaxseed. One serving is 267 grams and contains 330 Calories, 20 grams of fat, 3 grams Saturated fat, and 10 grams of protein.

(picture of back of container with full ingredients listed)

The scent/odor of the blend As I opened the container, I could get a whiff of apple followed by a slight scent of eggs and oats. The most potent scent by far is the apple. Overall it smells delightful, and I imagine it tastes pleasant eaten as a puree.

The Consistency/Density of the blend

The texture is thick but smooth. The breakfast blend is likely their thickest blend, the only comparable one regarding the overall thickness and consistency is the Quinoa and Hempseed Blend. Due to the total consistency and thickness of the blend, I would highly recommend adding water to thin it out to make delivery of the puree easier via the feeding tube extension.

(Image of the puree in a 16 oz Blender Bottle top view)

(Image of the puree in blender bottle side view)

Preparation Needed for Delivery of Puree

As seen in the above images this is a very dense and thick puree and will need water to push through the extension adequately. The blend would be a challenging puree to gravity feed, as it would take considerable amounts of liquid to be thin enough for a gravity bag. I bolus and push the food via a 60 ml syringe for the thicker blends. I used 8 oz of water to thin the liquid for a push feed into his 14 fr extension and Mickey Button.

(Image of thinned puree with 8 oz of water top view)

(Image of thinned puree with 8 oz of water side view)

I hooked up my son’s 12-inch extension to his Mickey button, and I filled the first syringe of the formula. When the puree is diluted, the texture is smooth and creamy


(image of 60 ml syringe with puree inside)

The Delivery Feeding, my son, was relatively easy once the puree was diluted. There was a bit of resistance in the extension due to the overall density of the puree, but it went in quickly and without much trouble. Due to the thickness, it was not as messy as other blends, and there was much less dripping from the syringe when removed from the Blender Bottle. I would suggest placing a towel on your lap to wipe off the tip of the syringe and to put the extension between syringe boluses.

My Childs Tolerance of the Breakfast Blend

I finished the feed, washed the syringes and blender ball. My son seemed happy and full after the feed was over. I monitored his reactions to the food to ensure that he tolerated the food. He had minimal gas from the puree, and he did not need to be vented after the puree was given. He played and attended therapy without incident after breakfast.

My final review of the Breakfast Blend

I believe this is an excellent start for a breakfast option for families using Real Food Blends for tube fed individuals. The blend has a pleasant odor, good texture, and it is easy to push through via syringe when diluted with water. The blend has a pleasant scent with apple popping out as the most potent scent. They stayed consistent with the overall nutritional value of calories, fat; the protein is comparable to the four other blends offered by Real Food Blends. The product is dairy free, and there appears to be no gluten – but the product is not listed dairy or gluten free. My tube fed son tolerated the ingredients.

The two downsides are that the mixture does contain eggs so if an individual does have an egg allergy or sensitivity this will not be an option for them. The other is the overall density of the puree. If an individual prefers to gravity feed or uses a pump, more than 8 ounces of water would be needed to make it flow via gravity or through a pump. I realize pumps are not recommended for use with Real Food Blends, but I know from experience that many families do use this option. Over time I expect that Real Food Blends will likely tweak the consistency of the blend for easier dilution for gravity fed patients. However, for now, it might be challenging for gravity fed patients to use this without a lot of extra water to get the full nutritional content.

My Recommendation

If you or your child/adult are not allergic or sensitive to eggs, and if you or your child/adult tubie can manage syringe pushed boluses, this is a fantastic option for breakfast. The addition of the breakfast blend to the Real Food Blends lists of products will fill the gap there has been with breakfast. The blend provides additional variety to the diet of the tube fed patient, and it gives busy families a great alternative to blending their breakfast. I would highly recommend adding this to your stock of purees for you or your tube fed child or adult.


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