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Miracles Do Happen, and My son is a living Miracle

Four years ago a miracle happened before my eyes, and our lives have never been the same. We sat vigilantly at the bedside our of our 3 month old baby, and he was clinging to life. Doctors had already sat us down and told us the prognosis was not good. There was little hope for the staff that he would rebound. He was the most ill child on the PICU floor, and they gave him a less than 3% chance of living. I didn’t care about percentages because I knew the child I had delivered was a fierce and strong warrior. He had already battled so much in his 3 months. We spent weeks in the NICU, he had feeding issues, reflux, hypoglycemic episodes, significant jaundice and a liver that was shutting down, and respiratory issues that made us all stay on our toes. He persisted through those weeks in the NICU. Every day he puzzled the doctors because they knew something was wrong. However, they could never tie it all together. I knew he was strong because we went home and he made it several weeks on his own at home. It did not matter to me that the doctors lacked hope. Hope was strong and surging in me.

That night I sat at his bedside. I stayed awake for every single hour of the night, and I watched every single hour as his labs were drawn to see how his body was responding. Silently, I prayed to God above and I asked him to save my child. My promise was that my child being saved would not be in vein. My life would be dedicated to him, and I would advocate, educate and help anyone I could to improve his life and improve the lives of others. My friends, family and strangers rallied around us and started prayer circles for him. Churches prayed for him that morning begging for healing hands to touch him. God was well spoken to that evening and that morning, and in small increments that night, God showed us that miracles do happen. God reached down through the heavens, and he touched my son. As the night wore on, he progressed and his labs improved. Each and every hour we held our breath as his blood sugar was taken, and we realized after 12 hours of stable blood sugar all other organ function was also starting to improve. We lifted our hands and our hearts and praised God for saving our son.

The hours turned in to days, and the days turned to weeks. We watched our son improve and fight to survive. Through the process of his recovery, we have witnessed the strength of the human spirit that I never knew existed. His drive to learn, play, love and see the world is infectious. He has touched more lives than I can even begin to describe. Over the years we have received packages, letters, emails, videos, postcards and gifts from all over the world. That night people fell in love with him, his story and his fight to live. We have been blessed with so much love and kindness through the years. Even though the days are tough, we still are so grateful for the gift we have been given.

I have heard it over and over from cynical people that miracles do not happen, and that God does not exist. It doesn’t matter to me that they feel this way. That day 4 years ago, darkness was swallowing us whole, and light began to shine down on us. It was evident to us in that room that we were not alone. There is no way to explain what it feels like to live through a miracle that gives the moment the credit it is due. As he progressed, even doctors began to admit to us there was no explanation for his recovery. For all intents and purposes our son should have died. Every single organ was shutting down, and he was on full life support. Dopamine pumped through a central line that went straight to his heart. He was only alive because of machines. Yet, after only a few days, all the machines were removed. Within 18 days of the event, we were out of the hospital. It was incredible how quickly he rebounded. Months later we sat with the PICU doctor in his office for a regular Pulmonary appointment, and he looked at us and said, “I still cannot believe he survived. He should not have made it. But we as Doctors are only a part of the plan. The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

My faith in God has never wavered since that day, and it’s only strengthened my relationship with him. I know that my son was saved to do great things, and I know he was saved to teach me lessons I never would have expected. Our lives are full of incredible people that pray for us every day, and we give back in so many ways to the community. We have been touched to meet other families that have similar stories. Over and over I have heard of children on the brink of death, and doctors have lost hope and are preparing for the end. The stories always seem to be impossible, and the diseases that the children are facing seem like obstacles no human could ever conquer. Yet, we hear that over and over, God touches these children and saves them. Medicine can treat our children, but ultimately if a child is going to live, it’s not up to the doctor’s. We have learned to embrace the doctor’s on our team as a gift that is given to us by God. God has given us the most talented team of medical professionals in the state. Every single member of his team, is consistently stumped by his diagnosis, prognosis and how he continues to beat his odds. Our son wasn’t suppose to do so many things, and every single thing he was told he wouldn’t do he smashed the goal with gusto.

If you are reading this and are new to this journey, never lose faith that God will walk with you and your child. Miracles are performed every single day. You will find strength you never knew possible, and your child will fill your life with so much love. Whether your child lives months or years, each and every day will be a blessing. There will be so many lessons taught to you, and every day God will be there comforting you, holding you, and giving you strength to keep going. Stay connected to God. Have Faith, and all things will be possible. We are proof that miracles happen! God is so Good!

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