When you just want to be a MOM

I’m exhausted and scared. There are days when I can’t believe everything we have been through, and every day it feels like it’s something new. On a day we celebrate really big milestones, we are also delivered devastating news. It is the pattern we live in with a child with chronic illness. For 3 years… Read More When you just want to be a MOM

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To The Doctor that said "Your Child will Never be Einstein"

Dear Doctor, I am not sure if you remember me. I met you in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit while my child was on life support. You weren’t my child’s primary care taker that week, you were just the doctor that happened to be on the floor the night we learned our diagnosis.  I remember… Read More To The Doctor that said "Your Child will Never be Einstein"


When language explodes!

Von’s language has completely taken off since September. Lately he’s been saying No for everything. He’s typically 3! Today he started saying a new word. This one is adorable. Enjoy!   


The Day He Finally Walked 

The day he took his first steps I cried. It was tears of joy and wonder. It was the day I knew no matter how hard it would be for Von to accomplish something he’d meet the goal. I can’t wait for him to keep on reaching more milestones!   


Watch my video

   Are you interested to hear my voice and listen to our story? I had an opportunity to meet with Purple Moxie. Each month they feature 1 woman that has turned a difficult situation into something positive. They did an amazing job! I’m so grateful to have such unique opportunities being Von’s mom. I’m grateful… Read More Watch my video